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As a school board member, I will be a strong advocate for:

 Empowered, Respectful, and Productive School Climates

  • Emphasize, showcase and reward schools that demonstrate high parent, teacher, and student satisfaction.
  • Fund and promote Trauma Sensitive Training and Non-Violent Communication programs in our schools K-12.
  • Encourage strong leadership training in practices that create bully-free, teacher-empowered, welcoming school environments.
  • Require accountability measures from the superintendent that reflect these priorities.

 Engaged Learning -- Less Emphasis on School Grades and Standardized Testing

  • Advocate for local and state policies that emphasize multiple, authentic assessments of student progress and less emphasis on standardized testing to judge and grade schools.
  • Eliminate state required End-of Course Exams that teachers cannot administer nor grade.
  • Provide flexibility to schools to create thematic and hands-on learning approaches that emphasize critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Fund classroom technology that increases individualized instruction and eases testing burden for teachers and students.
  • Eliminate A-F grades for K-2 students.

Student-Centered Budget Priorities

  • Require a thorough review of district expenditures for the purpose of increased support for teachers and students in the classroom.
  • Allow more budget flexibility and incentives for school-based decisions of spending priorities.
  • Require a thorough review of Title I spending to ensure maximum allocation of resources to the students and schools who qualify.

Early Childhood Education

  • Advocate for high-quality, early education programs, especially at our Title 1 schools.
  • Partner with local agencies and universities for home support services.

Dropout Prevention, Career Pathways and Partnerships

  • Create high-interest magnet programs within our schools K-12.
  • Develop Career Academies and Vocational programs at all high schools with strong community partnerships.
  • Promote local Apprenticeship and Executive Internship job opportunities for our high school students.
  • Continue emphasis on Mentorships , especially targeting our students with achievement and "opportunity" gaps.
  • Support the “Community School” concept that brings social service agencies and direct family services onto the school campus.

District Leadership, Engagement and Ethics

  • Hold School Board workshops with the superintendent, school-based leaders and community partners to set annual district priorities and action plans with measurable outcomes.
  • Initiate programs to attract students and families back into the public school system who have chosen private and home-school options.
  • Set legislative priorities, and be actively engaged with the School Boards Association, the Florida Legislature and Governor to advocate for these priorities.
  • Recognize and showcase innovative, successful programs within the district.
  • Ensure that our policies hold all employees of Leon County Schools to the highest standards of ethical conduct and prevent employment and/or contracting conflicts of interest.


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